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very sofishticated
Elio Caligari
Geburtsdatum 11. Juli 1984 (32 Jahre alt)
Gesellschaftsschicht Oberschicht
Wohnort Brooklyn, New York City
Beruf Formel1 Fahrer
Ein Heiliger ist er nicht - aber der Käse sicher! Dafür ist er Grinsekatze, Schmunzelmonster, Nervensäge und kleiner und großer Bruder in einem!
More than this, whatever it is, Baby, I hate days like this. Caught in a trap, I can't look back, Baby, I hate days like this, When it rain and rain, it rain and rains

LAP 32
Hab das mit dem Erwachsensein ausprobiert, hat mir nicht gefallen. Fahr ich halt schnelle Autos. Bis später!
Teenage dreams in a teenage circus, Running around like a clown on purpose. Who gives a damn about the family you come from. No giving up when you're young and you want some Running around again.

"Im Kreis fahren ist kein Sport!" Junge, wir reden hier von der Formel 1 und nicht von einem Ei der NASCAR. Lern deine Vokabeln richtig!
And you know heroes aren't meant to survive, So much harder to love when alive. Walk with the devil in your head You would think you were better off dead. And you don't understand Why no one else can see Your blood on me, And my blood on you. But to make you bleed The only thing I wouldn't do.

although we always try! Und ansonsten wir der nächste Titel eben wolrds coolest uncel, man braucht auch realistische Ziele im Leben!
I'm not going nowhere, I'm where I'm meant to be so I'm not going nowhere, you'll run back to me. I'll be here 'til tomorrow, then you're gonna see Your turn to do the dancin', now you can dance for me. On the beat, on the beat, on the beat. Take me high, high, high, take me low, low, low, Pull me in, in, in, let me go, go, go. Say goodbye-bye-bye, say hello-lo-lo Shake my heart, heart, heart like a yo-yo
Elio Caligari gehört seit 01.02.2023 zum Behind Closed Doors, verfasste bisher 58 Posts und 1 Threads und wurde (am) 17.02.2024, 18:49 zuletzt gesichtet. Für das Aussehen dieses Charakters stand Daniel Ricciardo Modell. Der letzte Inplaybeitrag war am 19.11.2023, 21:33 in der Szene und wenn a...

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder bestimmt!
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Banana in Red

Tini Tiny Teami


de Escobar

Huston, we have a zero antihero elio scenario

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little_mogwai_mo4 • Koopa Troopa official world champion #wearethechampions #thisfireworksAREforme
little_mogwai_mo4 • If you want some training give me a call, mate :D
itsa_me_elio3 • you mean to lose even more time? one hell of an idea #veryfunny #fuckno
itsa_me_elio3 • #thankyoufortryingtomakeusenjoythat #gizmodid # ididnt
itsa_me_elio3 • Look at my wagon! - WAIT! Why am I gettin’ zapped, I’m already last!?
... Will I ever get this 3 minutes back? Like in my life?
little_mogwai_mo4 • lets rock this season, mate
Chili55 • be carefull… he‘s „on fire“ xD… ask his sister!
Its_Banana_Beau • see you on track! ;)
itsa_me_elio3 • @Chili55 not my first rodeo! I kept up with your silliness, I survived @i_am_de_groote33 with grace, pretty sure I can handle this lil munch
itsa_me_elio3 • there there lil' fella, i missed you too!
Its_Banana_Beau • omg
Its_Banana_Beau • my face says it all....
Its_Banana_Beau • What is with his tongue? I'm...kinda scared
itsa_me_elio3 • i have no effin' clou and i have questions!
itsa_me_elio3 • why did you mention his tongue - OMG!!!!!!!!! can't look away from it like... WTF IS THAT THING... ugh
itsa_me_elio3 • my eyes hurt ...
Its_Banana_Beau • You haven't seen it before? I's so obvious!
Its_Banana_Beau • I still don't know who this guy is..but at least it was a good night. I guess?
itsa_me_elio3 • excuse me while i was distracted by our anatomically well molded faces this picture and free from the horrible influence of this next chapte
itsa_me_elio3 • and I think I don't understand your question - there is no way in HELL this night could have been bad? Daiiii!! Beau!
itsa_me_elio3 • i just hope we didn't promised this guy anything... (except from staying 10.000 feed away from him at all times...)
Its_Banana_Beau • Haha well that's fair!
Its_Banana_Beau • The thing is..I can't remember much about this night, but I think this is a kind of proof that it was good
Its_Banana_Beau • Fingers crossed I never have to see his tongue again...ugh
itsa_me_elio3 • i hope NOBODY has to see his tongue like... ever again!?! good, I fear I will dream of it and not in a good way
itsa_me_elio3 • I can give you a solid summary from midday tilll... i think something around 11 PM that night after that... slightly blurred but I have not
itsa_me_elio3 • but we look happy so... maybe we shouldn't mind and get hold of some other picture rolls... we should gang up on the others (not this guy he
Its_Banana_Beau • I'll pray for it...this is kinda horrifying
Its_Banana_Beau • slightly blurred? mine is completely wasted hahaha
itsa_me_elio3 • the blurr? that's the last standing defence of my conscious making sure we didn't made complete fools of our selfs
itsa_me_elio3 • ... how can you assume it was a bad evening when you got THAT wasted? pretty sure you did something right :D
itsa_me_elio3 • what happens in vegas stays in vegas - who was in vegas? #psst #beau #! #whosthatguy #?
Its_Banana_Beau • Can I get on the back? :D
itsa_me_elio3 • with the right picture, yes
itsa_me_elio3 • next career: renting myself out as a billboard #legit
Its_Banana_Beau • I would definitely rent you.
itsa_me_elio3 • oh boy <3 #lifegoals
little_mogwai_mo4 • Sadly it was too big for your forehead :( xD
itsa_me_elio3 • thank go it didn't. 'Cause then i would have looked really silly and not even I can pull that one off!
Chili55 • oh help me… this is… can‘t find the right words XD
itsa_me_elio3 • It's just perfect!

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