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Artemis Solomons
Sometimes it's not the spoken lie but the unspoken truth that opens the door to betrayal.
------- You can't believe my eyes, my heart is breaking, the race isn't done. People blaming religion for crimes committed by those who are losing their minds -------

Life is trying to kill everyone. And it always succeeds. Sometimes before you die.
------- We are enslaved by our grief, dictated by media streams. We gather in numbers, we take to the streets but only riots will be covered by the privateers -------

Hell isn't having no choice.It's having to make a choice between horrific things.
------- We just tell ourselves we're not to blame, the world's too scared to change. Let the dominos fall 'Cause we've gone too far, no place to hide we set the world alight --------

Step by motherfucking step. Our ends know our beginnings but the reverse isn’t true.
------- There's still so much love on this planet, the news only shows us the damage 'Cause they're the ones with the cameras playing into the hands of the bandits -------
about the user
Artemis Solomons gehört seit 10.10.2019 zum Behind Closed Doors, verfasste bisher 125 Posts und 5 Threads und wurde (am) 29.05.2023, 21:02 zuletzt gesichtet. Der letzte Inplaybeitrag war am 29.05.2023, 20:58 in der Szene At war with my emotions.

Die Person hinter Artemis Solomons feiert am Nicht angegeben Geburtstag und hört auf den Namen MIGGI ALMIGHTY.

about the character
Artemis Solomons wohnt in Manhattan, New York City, ist 43 Jahre alt, arbeitet als CAPTAIN DER NMSTF DES NYPD und gehört zur Mittelschicht.

Für das Aussehen des Charakters stand Christian Bale Modell.

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