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Zora Spector
Geburtsdatum 22. Juli 1989 (27 Jahre alt)
Gesellschaftsschicht Mittelschicht
Wohnort Brooklyn, New York City
Beruf Singer-Songwriter
Life is about who is holding your hand and, I think, whose hand you commit to holding.
Does it happen by chance, is it all happenstance? Do we have any say in this mess? Is it too late to make some more space? Can I speak to the architect? This life that we make, is it random or fate? Can I speak to the architect? Is there an architect?

27 demo tapes
You're all sorts of things you don't even know yet.
So I'm sayin' goodbye to the people that I feel Are real good at wastin' my time. No regrets, baby, I just think that maybe You go your way and I'll go mine. It's been a real good time But you got dark energy, somethin' I can't unsee And I've got to take care of myself I found a deeper well

I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else's muse. I am not a muse. I am the somebody. End of fucking story.
Taube am steppen Wie macht die Taube? Rugur, Rugur Tau-Tau-Taube am feiern, Taube am feiern. Wie macht die Taube? Rugur, Rugur Ta-Ta-Ta-Take off - Ta-Ta-Ta-Take off - Okay. Techno Te-Te-Te-Te Taubek

brilliant disguise
We love broken, beautiful people. And it doesn't get much more obviously broken and more classically beautiful than this guy. But if my ex knew how often I was thinking about him, he wouldn't feel lonely.
When it rains, it pours But you didn't even notice It ain't rainin' anymore. It's hard to breathe when all you know is The struggle of stayin' above the risin' water line. Well, the sky has finally opened, The rain and wind stopped blowin' But you're stuck out in the same ol' storm again. You hold tight to your umbrella, Well, darlin', I'm just tryin' to tell ya That there's always been a rainbow Hangin' over your head
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