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Gus Decain
Geburtsdatum 18. Januar 1993 (24 Jahre alt)
Gesellschaftsschicht Mittelschicht
Wohnort Brooklyn, New York City
Beruf U.S. Army Reserve & studentische Assistenz
thus bus fuss
Augustus Decain You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you.
The party's over, she's not coming back I'd give up all the world for just one Sunday that we had In time, I will heal The moonlight's on the open road, tonight, it's not so bad Who am I to curse the past Just 'cause magic didn't last? You're one of few, boy Who can safely say they had Somebody truly love them back?

24x Sir, yes, sir
Oh, great. Marines. Mild to medium harassment by nine, chaotic evil by ten.
As you promised me that I was more than all the miles combined You must have had yourself a change of heart like Halfway through the drive Because your voice trailed off exactly as you passed my exit sign Kept on drivin' straight and left our future to the right

I bet you have a little "peace-dove" tattoo on your back to prove it. - On my ass, actually, which you can't touch, but you can kiss.
I would leave if only I could find a reason I'm mean because I grew up in New England I got dreams but I can't make myself believe them Spend the rest of my life with what could have been And I will die in the house that I grew up in I'm homesick

Walking away
So, you’re that guy? Pretend-it-didn’t-happen guy.
For nothing really hurts like love Nothing knocks you down, and picks you back up And now you've got to go You look at me as though You don't know who I am And suddenly I know Nothing really hurts like love
Gus Decain gehört seit 12.12.2023 zum Behind Closed Doors, verfasste bisher 15 Posts und 1 Threads und wurde (am) 16.05.2024, 10:51 zuletzt gesichtet. Für das Aussehen dieses Charakters stand Nicholas Galitzine Modell. Der letzte Inplaybeitrag war am 14.04.2024, 15:13 in der Szene Fata Morgana for real.

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So technically you're my brother?

you've been missing (big brother)

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would've, could've, should've

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