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Benjamin van de Weyer
benjamin van de weyer
it's ok to call him ben, benji or van
- - - - - - - Alienated by society, all this pressure give me anxiety walk slow through the fire like, who gon' try us? Feeling the world go against us so we put the world on our shoulders.
32 engines started
what's to come? it's a miracle he got so far
- - - - - - - I torture you take my hand through the flames I torture you I'm a slave to your games I'm just a sucker for pain I wanna chain you up I wanna tie you down I'm just a sucker for pain.
driver & mechanic
he drives like hell but he'll never reaches the finish line
- - - - - - - I'm devoted to destruction a full dosage of detrimental dysfunction I'm dying slow but the devil tryna rush me see I'm a fool for pain, I'm a dummy might cut my head off right after I slit my throat tongue kiss a shark, got jealous bitches up in the boat eating peanut butter and jelly fishes on toast and if I get stung I get stoked, might choke.
marked single
lost too much to keep on fighting anymore
- - - - - - - Like I chewed a chunk of charcoal naked in the North Pole that's why my heart cold, full of sorrow, the lost soul & only Lord knows when I'm coming to the crossroads. So I don't fear shit but tomorrow & I'm a sucker for pain, it ain't nothing but pain. You just fuckin' complain, you ain't tough as you claim just stay up in your lane, just don't fuck with Lil Wayne I'mma jump from a plane or stand in front of a train 'cause I'm a sucker for pain.
about the user
Benjamin van de Weyer gehört seit 14.09.2017 zum Behind Closed Doors, verfasste bisher 278 Posts und 3 Threads und wurde (am) 02.01.2023, 18:26 zuletzt gesichtet. Der letzte Inplaybeitrag war am 02.01.2023, 18:15 in der Szene Klischee, wie Venus & Mars.

Die Person hinter Benjamin van de Weyer feiert am 08.10.1990 Geburtstag und hört auf den Namen MIGGI ALMIGHTY.

about the character
Benjamin van de Weyer wohnt in Brooklyn, New York City, ist 32 Jahre alt, arbeitet als Mechatroniker & Driver und gehört zur Unterschicht.

Für das Aussehen des Charakters stand Ryan Reynolds Modell.

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