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Jaime Keller
jaime keller
good thing he never took the names of his (ex)-wifes
- - - - - - - There's a place I go to where no one knows me. It's not lonely it's a necessary thing. It's a place I made up find out what I'm made of. The nights are stayed up counting stars and fighting sleep.
41 police raids
age is an attitude (so he's more like 11, maybe 12)
- - - - - - - Un re-route the river, let the dammed water be. There's some people down the way that's thirsty, let the liquid spirit free. The folk are thirsty 'coz of mans unnaturel hand.
DEA special agent
he has a thing for breaking things (espacially rules)
- - - - - - - A heart of stone, a smoking gun, I can give you life, I can take it away. A heart of stone, a smoking gun, I'm working it out, I'm working. Feel so underrated, why'd you feel so negated?
2. Time divorced
maybe he's not the type for relationships (or lasting contact)
- - - - - - - Hundred times I’ve asked of you to think of me but what more could you do you just couldn’t hide the truth. Took a lot of love to hate you the way I do, took a lot of love.
about the user
Jaime Keller gehört seit 14.09.2017 zum Behind Closed Doors, verfasste bisher 91 Posts und 1 Threads und wurde (am) 04.11.2022, 22:05 zuletzt gesichtet. Der letzte Inplaybeitrag war am 05.01.2023, 11:07 in der Szene Where to find you.

Die Person hinter Jaime Keller feiert am 08.10.1990 Geburtstag und hört auf den Namen MIGGI ALMIGHTY.

about the character
Jaime Keller wohnt auf Staten Island, New York City, ist 41 Jahre alt, arbeitet als DEA Super Special Agent und gehört zur Oberschicht.

Für das Aussehen des Charakters stand Bradley Cooper Modell.

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